15 May 2011

1999- Channelling Prince

It is late, I am tired. Which may explain the very laid back selection this week.

Maybe it was just the time; maybe it was that Molly was born in 1999, and raucous music was less present in the house. I love each of these tracks, and know they will  be in my head for the week. For me, this is a good thing.

I know I posted a Shayne Carter last week- perhaps I am still getting over that being in Dunedin we did not get to see his "Last Train to Brockville" gigs in Wellington and Auckland recently. Whatever the reason- great band; great song; great video. 

Dimmer- Evolution

It was mentioned today that we have a lot of Beck albums. Midnite Vultures is a favourite, and channels Prince, and even Mick Jagger. Cool white-boy soul; and pretty damn funny too.

Another musical genius.

Beck- Debra

Music awards are notoriously fickle, but it seems that sometimes they get it right. I did not know (or remember) that this was the "Single of the year" at the New Zealand Music Awards in 1999. Some of the other finalists (and winners) from that year are quite frightening- but hey, each to their own. There is something about the Chinese notes/ rhythm/ string-plucking thing that really gets me in this song. (I know that ain't a proper description of music, but that's why I am a fan not a musician).

Che Fu- Scene III

(There is a great documentary  From Street To Sky about his father, Tigilau Ness, which screened on Maori TV a couple of years ago, that is worth checking out if you can get it. He is also a musician in Unity Pacific)

Time to hark back to this blogs namesake, Vol. 9. It seems carnal thoughts aplenty were occurring in movie theatres around New Zealand in 1974- if it wasn't the Drifters snogging in the back row, it was our own Bunny Walters "stealing kisses when the lights were low." At least when he left the theatre, he was, the song assures us, happy only holding hands. Very wholesome.

Unfortunately no video, but with a quality song like this, who needs the visual distraction?

Bunny Walters- The nearest thing to heaven

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