30 May 2011

1992- "I am not paid to listen to this drivel"

The World Cinema Showcase screened in Dunedin (and elsewhere around New Zealand) a few weeks ago. The only film I managed to get to was William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, which I saw with Bill (not Burroughs- that would be weird). Glad I did, and think it is time to read some Burroughs.

Bill (not Burroughs etc . . .)and I used to host a show on Radio 1 in 1992/93, and this excellent track was play-listed there for a bit at that time. The music is by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

William S. Burroughs- Words of Advice for Young People


The 3D’s are perhaps my favourite band of all time. I remember first seeing them play to about 40 or 50 people on  a Friday night at the university in 1989, in what must have been one of their first performances as a 4-piece. Their recorded stuff is fantastic- their live sets were legendary, if occasionally seemingly life-threatening. (Feeling as if my hair would singe as an onstage fire-eater blew flame along the low ceiling in the Crown Hotel during one memorable gig with another great band, Cyclops; and feeling the floor move beneath my feet as 2 or 300 of us leapt with reckless abandonment at the Hellzapoppin’ release gig up two levels in an old warehouse.) That album was only released on CD, not vinyl, which lead me to buying my first cd player in 1992.
Brilliantly, they played some gigs last year, and we (me, Rae, and thrillingly- for him and for us-Isaac) got to see them at Sammy’s.
Flying Nun have just released (May 30) the two first e.ps and other early recordings on a CD “The Early Recordings.”
Their albums are available ridiculously cheaply on the Flying Nun website.
I have struggled to find the perfect track to post- and have gone with this one, even though there is no video.

The 3D's- Sunken Treasure

Bruce Blucher (formerly of The Alpaca Brothers; and also Cyclops) fronted this great band, with Robbie Yeats on drums, and Paul Cahill and Andre Richardson completing the line-up. Noisy, droning and brilliant. This is from their first album, 1992's  Gritt and Butts . It also appeared on the wonderful Xpressway Compilation Killing Capitalism With Kindness. (Check out the excellent "Nunblog" by Xpressway founder Bruce Russell.)

Trash- Telecom South

This week we have a Vol.9 shocker- a true video nasty.

It was my sister Jo’s birthday last week. She is 16 months older than me, so must have been 8 at the time of 20 Solid Gold Hits Vol.9. Clearly she was a true fan of at least one half of this duo- if the occasional hand drawn poster advertising “This Way to Donny’s House” was to be believed. (Any retort that a couple of pictures of Marie- her hair, so shiny; her teeth, so white- appeared on my wall are untrue, even if they were the only pictures left in whatever teen magazine had already been hacked by elder siblings. And I was only 7.)

If you can bear it, the song kicks in a few minutes into the video- the scarily tanned (and generally scary) Andy Williams, clearly a comic genius, introduces them (after showing a clip of a very young Donny when he first appeared on the show.) In 1974, when this screened, Donny was 16, and Marie 14. Wacky.

Donny and Marie Osmond- I'm leaving it all up to you

Hands up if you stayed . . . 

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  1. not in the mood for donnie and marie - but that is seriously my favourite 3d's song ever....although I say that about them all..... Rae