30 April 2011


It was 1974, Christchurch. I was 6 or 7 years old, and we were given a new, portable turntable/radio- for Christmas I think.

No external speakers.


Maybe only 1 channel for sound, but we did get two new L.P’s- Basil Brush; and “20 Solid gold Hits, Vol. 9”.  Formative influences on my musical tastes, indeed.

Before that, it was all Radio Avon, and Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40”. Shifting to Dunedin in 1979 meant later teenage years were all Flying Nun and Radio 1.

So, this blog is a musical journey of sorts, randomly put into year categories. Just for fun.

Comments and recommendations of other songs from the relevant year most welcome- post a clip if you can.

It seems only right that I should start with 1974, the date of release of the masterful "20 Solid Gold Hits, Vol. 9".

Three songs for your listening and viewing pleasure.

The 3D's did a brilliant version of this live; it is also on the flip-side of their 1992 single "Outer Space".

TURN DOWN THE VOLUME- this clip is weirdly loud. The video itself- just wonderfully weird- filmed in MIT's "Experimental Color Studio" in 1976.

Brian Eno- "Baby's on Fire"

In 1974, Bowie released "David Live". On it, he did a cover of a track more famously covered with true disco fever by Amii Stewart a few years later. Here is the Eddie Floyd original, from 1966.

Eddie Floyd- Knock on Wood

First song from Vol 9. A bit faster than the version on the record, but still great. Shirley Bassey introduces them- its the Drifters!

The Drifters- Kissing in the Back Row (of the movies)


  1. OMG what was Brian Eno thinking - like a heifer to the slaughter? Awful. Shirley Bassey has (thankfully) lost a lot of that super posh accent and has gone back to her welsh roots - hurrah! But Eddie Floyd, I love you man. I'm the biggest Bowie fan ever, but Eddie's version is well the better one.

  2. I agree Jack, I'm a massive fan of Bowie, yet can't help but prefer the original version (now that I have heard it!).

    In accordance with 1974 I recommend one of my favourite Lou Reed songs from Rock 'n' Roll Animal 'Sweet Jane':


  3. Not entirely relevant I guess, but was looking through lists of albums released in 1974 and was amused to see a Best Of Elton John in there. I wonder which act holds the record for the most best of albums down the years...

  4. Love the Brian Eno video. Sometimes the colours shoot out from her hands, or from her hat. Sometimes they even appear to shoot out of her nose...

  5. Thanks Mike- Love the Lou Reed clip. While those moustaches are mighty impressive, Lou looks so damn cool, bleached hair, shades and clean shaven!

  6. shaun - i see its like a late at night - spin the vinyl - blog.

  7. I was 8 about the time that Solid Gold Hits Vol 9 came out and listened to it over and over. My favourites were: The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace, Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, Wildwood Weed by Jim Stafford (didn't know what it was about until years later!!), Out on the Street by Space Waltz.
    I know we had other Solid Gold albums, but this is the one I can remember listening to over and over! Loved it!!